Choose Your Service Plan

  • Set Up Fee

    Initial visit for ongoing services
    • Rodent Baiting Only

      Every month
      Rodent population control before they get inside the house.
      • Exterior Rodent bait Boxes
    • Rodent Bait and Trap

      Every month
      • Exterior Rodent Baiting, And Trap Check (attic, crawl space)
    • Just Bugs (Ants +)

      Every month
      Keeps the bugs outside and away from the house
      • Exterior Perimeter insect treatments
    • Rodents and Bugs

      Every month
      Rodent and Bug Protection
      • Exterior Rodent Baiting, and Exterior insect treatment
    • Bugs, Rodents, Traps

      Every month
      • Exterior insect spray, Exterior rodent baiting, & Trap check
    • Sweep Spider Webs

      Every month
      Spider focus treatments
      • Sweep the webs and spray eco-friendly repellent
    • Just Moles

      Every month
      • This is preventative surface treatment to the lawn & garden.
    • Everything Goes

      Every month
      Includes everything found naturally in the Pacific Northwest
      • Rodent baiting, insects, spiders, wasps, moles, etc...
    • HOA Special

      Every month
      Seasonal insects, spiders, and rodents
      • Quantity discount with 4 or more properties of a single HOA
    • Pest Consulting

      Every week
      Custom Commercial Plan
      • 9 unit rodent only

        Every month
        Exterior Rodent Baiting for 9 unit multifamily
        • Restaurant Services

          Every month
          Keeps your business "Excellent"
          • Protects from Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants, etc...
        • Development Lot Pest

          Every month
          • Monthly service of Rodent bait stations, and other needs.